Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Uncle Pennywhite's Verticopter

"Reggie what do you reckon is under that tarp?"

Well, I knew what was under the tarp. It was the verticopter. I pulled off the tarp and showed her.

"Smashing!" she said, "Let's try it!"

I told her that's exactly the sort of thing we should not try. The first thing her uncle told me after inventing anything, he would set down his wrench or whatever and say, "Reginald. See this? Don't ever touch this."

Abby didn't care what her uncle said, "He's my mother's baby brother, and who listens to babies?"

It was at that moment I knew I was going to like this girl a lot. I mean, if you could like a girl and all.

the thumbnail:

to see more detail: click here.

to read the expanded story go here.


GoatboyBBMA said...

Dang dude, that is an awesome drawing. Totally rad.

Kennon said...

Outstanding. Wow. Good stuff man. Posting the thumbs was also an added bonus. Kudos to you.

Jason Chalker said...

Please tell me this is going to be your next book. I haven't even read the extra text link and I can see myself getting hooked.

Great drawing too! It's a little different from your normal style. Maybe the characters are a tad more realistic? Maybe I've just gotten used to you posting fully toned illustrations. Regardless, it's good stuff. Good luck with the edits on your current book.


I think this is still easily within the scope of your style. Looks great!

Dylan Edwards said...

I agree with Jason, this sounds like an awesome premise for a book. Very cool!

Sarah Frary said...

VERY cool. Their expressions just shine with the eager yearning for adventure! Great and fun work as always.

Anonymous said...

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