Thursday, April 19, 2007


well there he is in all his glory, and he cant seem to be left alone.


Jason Chalker said...

Awesome! I really like this one. The robin was a nice touch.

da janx said...

I totally LOL'ed on this one.

ROBIN!!! oh crap. i didn't get it. i suck.

brilliant concept and execution. (is that spelled right? it doesn't look right. oh well.)

again major bravo for the background and character designs. really nice composition overall.

Rubio said...


Fantastic as always.

Sarah Frary said...

Haha, oh my gosh, 'STOP FOLLOWING ME!' I love that. The expressions are so great.

GoatboyBBMA said...

Heheh awesome stuff. Good to see you posting damnit.