Thursday, April 19, 2007

Because the Wizard of Oz is MIGHTY.

Dorothy: I've taken a more fantastical approach to my Oz designs. I went with with a younger Dorothy. It was important to me that despite being physically small and unassuming, Dorothy was full of character, courage and smarts– a girl who was the embodiment of what her friends lacked.

The Scarecrow: The Scarecrow in my mind's eye was not only mentally deficient, but was also physically inhibited because of his 'thrown together and left to rot' nature. He's an amateur–made doll whose outward appearance would not be so unsettling if he had been cared for.

The Tin Man: Past depictions of the cold and heartless Tin Woodsman never really satisfied me. None of them looked like they could topple a tree, much less be built for that purpose. I wanted my version to look functional, yet damaged and worn, from all of the heavy work. And speaking of which– if the technology in Oz is such that a walking metal man could be made... you'd think he'd have something a bit better than an axe.

The Lion: I wanted my Lion to look like a subservient, pitiful, and utterly defeated beast. One that looks to have the potential to be a king, if he could only bring himself far enough out of his phobic and depressed pit. I also thought it would be interesting if he were neither completely man nor completely lion; A misunderstood, outcast, and rejected half-breed of a thing who just wants to be accepted.

Size Comparison Model Sheet:


Jason Chalker said...

Rubio, you magnificent showboating bastard. Nice clean work and very thorough character design. I especially like the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. I also like the police style lineup.

Sarah Frary said...


Haha these are great, I love the peg-legs for the Scarecrow. And the Lion has a really great expression.

GoatboyBBMA said...

Nice work rubio... The Scarecrow is very sweet.

Kennon James said...

Awesome. Very pro. Rubio comes out swinging.

da janx said...

swinging indeed.

solid and professional, how it would really be done.

i like the rationale behind everything, again, a key for character design.

it's tough to pick a favorite, but i think Scarecrow is that for me. i love how you can see his structure underneath his clothes. how his face is just sewed together.


Paul Adam said...