Saturday, April 21, 2007

the boys

party man

"say, C.S., what do you like to do for fun on a friday night?"

"i like to watch a movie and then stay up into the morning drawing OZ stuff!"

(this should be my last Wizard of OZ post. no promises though.)


GoatboyBBMA said...

Dang man, strong strong stuff as usual. Love the color.

Kennon James said...


Kevin Peake said...

Dude, these are seriously awesome. I'd love to see an animated version of these guys or anything animated in your style would be awesome. Great stuff.

Jason Chalker said...

Great stuff. I especially like the lion being scared of the little bird.
Man, you people really know how to raise the bar.

Rubio said...

You're at a level a lot of us strive to achieve. Bastid.

da janx said...

ah, shucks. thanks.

you're much too kind.

ed said...


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