Sunday, April 15, 2007




*note: I am not liable for any head explosions. thank you.


da janx said...

sweet! this made me LOL and i don't LOL very often.

nice composition. i like the idea of this cute bat being "the night." makes me want to cuddle with "the night," or at least tuck it into bed with a blankie and after some cookies and warm milk.

Jason Chalker said...

Nice. That is a pretty darn cute bat.

Dylan Edwards said...

Pokegoth! I love it. How long before this becomes a collectible card game available only at Hot Topic?

GoatboyBBMA said...

I vomited in my mouth a bit... but not in the good way. hehe ok... it was in the good way... heh

Awesome pic Sarah as usual :).

Rubio said...

Cute as hell. Nice color and composition.