Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My tattoo piece

Here ya go. Mine for the week. The blogger is not letting me upload it for some reason. No idea what is up, so I made it into html thingie.


Sarah Frary said...

Oh, this is sexy! The curve of a woman's back is always alluring. Hell, I like MEN and I'm attracted to this.

Goatboy, I think you just turned me into a lesbian. That is how awesome this picture is.

da janx said...

i like how i'm all, "now, what?"

and then i click on it and i go, "sup yo!"

very nice use of line and color.

and yeah, i like that curve to.


GoatboyBBMA said...

Thankies and salutations. muahahahaha.

Yeah, I did this while waiting for my girlfriend to finish cleaning up her work station stuff. Just tryin to amuse myself haha.

Paul Adam said...

Nicely done, sir! I dig me some green women.

Jason Chalker said...

I will second Captain Paul 'Tiberius' Adam's comment. The green ladies are where it's at! Nice one.

Kennon James said...

Green woman on a green background. Nicely done. I dig the loose borders. Once again you've raised the bar upon yourself. Green chicks are hot.

peakestudios said...

Hot green chick, hot tat. I likes it. Great job Thomas. I really dig where your going with your stuff lately. When you're turning women into lesbians you must be doing something right!