Friday, March 16, 2007

godliness and bird crap

Tat'Thu- The ever-elusive figure known as Tat'Thu (pronounced tatt-too) is, at best, entirely androgynous and horribly withdrawn to its own means of a nomadic lifestyle and communication, more appropriately, the strange behavior that it embarks with avian breeds. A curious creature, unidentified as human or otherwise, wanders listlessly in tattered robes and dons an elaborate and eclectic headdress, conducting various mimicry of bird calls. Some scholars and metaphysical scientists argue that Tat'Thu is a reincarnated God that lines the margins of archaic religions, although most would simply consider it to be nothing but a lost lunatic with nothing better to do. Regardless, no one can dispute the strange being - with its elongated fingers and unearthly kinship with birds - and so, it is it is: a marvelous enigma. is also a lazy sketch. BUCK-KAW!


Jason Chalker said...

Lazy or not, I dig it!

da janx said...

it may be a lazy sketch, but it is a witty commentary.

this is, also, a "sketch" group, so sketches are appropriate.