Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dragon for the week

Ok here are links to the two other dragons, first one is the cute one second is the guy breathing fire.
Cute Dragon
Fire breather

Damn, I drew 3 different ideas for the dragon, this was the last and I think better out of them. First one was this cutsie freckled dragon thingie. yeah... No mechanical parts. No half nekkid, neon colored babes with dragon tattoos/piercings/etc... Then after that I drew this weird guy who was blowing fire out of his mouth and burning some kind of zombie thing. Not a bad pic, but not cool enough for me damnit. And finally I did this. Idea came about from thinking of this crazy magic lady who could summon forms and demons via her magic cigarettes. Something like that. But yesh... here ya go.


da janx said...

the dragon was so cool, i didn't see the lips. but that happens to me all the time. it's why i don't go on a lot of dates. or second one's anyway.

again. rocking the house with the color there, buddy!

Paul Adam said...

RAD! Really dig it.

You should post your others.

Kennon James said...

Let's see the other sketches I say... Well executed Mr. Goatboy.

GoatboyBBMA said...

Links are now in there so you can check out the other doodles.

Thanks for the comments.

Kennon James said...

Man the fire breathing guy is very cool! Of course it would really rock in color time permitting.

GoatboyBBMA said...

That is the one I almost went with, but the idea for the first post I felt was stronger in a concept way etc. But I do like the fire breather guy. I know I will do a post apoc story at some point, with this type of guy in it. The thought of death coming from your mouth always intrigued me.

Sarah Frary said...

These are great! Poison dragon breath, hodag. I like the cute dragon - he still looks mighty tough, like he could light our ASSes on fire. Lawl.

I LOVE your inking style, it's so sexy.

Jason Chalker said...

Yes Thomas, I think your inking style is sexy too... oh wait... can everybody read this? Damn!

Cool idea, great execution. An alternate title could be "Morning Breath". ;)


I don't know what's changed (or maybe I do) but you art is getting a lot tighter lately!! Looks awesome man!