Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kunoichi + RALPH

Did anyone ever play 'Rampage!'? It's like.. among my top favorite games. I always played Ralph, the giant werewolf. So I suppose this is my tribute to him, in a way.

A red Kunoichi.. aka, female NinJA. That's her name, too. Nin Ja. Roffle, roffle. Photoshopped the crap out of this because the original looked sosoSO terrible. But all is well now. Even with the questionable proportions. Critique that, if you want. I always need tips.


GoatboyBBMA said...

Both are awesome. I really dig the werewolf monster and the red on the ninja rocks. Heh.

And that game was awesome too. Eatin peeps... destroyin shit hehe

Kennon said...

Oh man, between Rampage and Gauntlet I spent every hard-earned, lawn-mowing quarter I made. Nicely executed and I love the ninja. Great red PS effect and the pose and outfit are sweet.

Kennon said...

Oh and very nice negative space on the ninja pic as well!