Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jet, leader of the space pirate gang

Known as the Fuzzy Warbles. One of the most obnoxious bad asses in the Quadrent called "Super X". His Space Jump Jet Pack is supposedly powered by the corpse of a Charginian Alien. And if you know a thing or two about Charginian Aliens, they pack a lot of power in there 2 ft bodies.

But yeah, der ya go. I might color him later on.


Kennon James said...

Man you've got to color this guy. I love the corpse-powered jetpack (the skull's a nice touch). Very creative.
Overall an awesome character design. I'd like to know more about this cat. Cool jacket and googles,what's with the stick? (And quadrant is spelled with an A.;) Fuzzy Warbles unite!

GoatboyBBMA said...

Damnit, I knew I misspelled something.

Yeah, as usually i always have stupid comic ideas of Space Pirates and other Techno garble. Energy based firearms have gone out of style, due to most people wearing wave shields. Beyond just keeping oxygen around their bodies, it effects any energy based weapon that comes into contact with them etc. Thus the big stick thingie. Physical weapons can go through the shields so most people use some sort of metal object to beat the shit out of each other with. It is basically a huge crowbar, made out of a metal that gathers kinetic energy as it is swung around. It is light as hell, but when it hits something, it releases all its bent up energy into a super blast etc. That way Jet can kill robots and other random things in space, or beat his way through a space ship.

I will color this guy for sure. I keep wanting to do a space comic, but i need to finish freelance damnit and rework my site.

Jason Chalker said...

Good one! But wouldn't the wave shield cause problems if the wearer were gassy? ;)