Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fur Collar or Sharp Dressed Mane

from the handbook Tips in Coiffure for Today's Lupine Dandy--"for the discerning werewolf, the key to looking dapper in a suit is trimming that unsightly neck fur."

*a problem sarah's wolf has bested with great aplomb.
**this was just gonna be a sketch. but i had ta' finish it out. seems i likes drawing me some monsters.


peakestudios said...

Very cool. I like this guy. Gotta appreciate a sharp dressed mane. The winker wonker eye's are awesome, nice touch.

Kennon James said...

I want a print! Have wallspace, will hang.

Sarah Frary said...

Oh, god, I have to say that this made me giggle with such gusto! (Literally: I lOL'd) I do believe my werewolf has a copy of said book: no aspiring businesswolfman should leave home without it! No-sir-ee.

Furthermore: VERY awesome! Pinstripes, represent!

Joe Riley said...

very daper wolfman.