Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh! Hello Friends

Hey Kid-O's! My name is Andrew Thompson im 26, Designer from Chicago. I actually work with Jason which is how I recently came involved with this blog. I have a BFA in Graphic Design & went to the Illinois Institute of Art (not that fancy Art Institute, im not made of $$ haha).

Well I have no formal background in illustration or any other arts. When I started college I put down my pencil & picked up a mouse for about 3 years. I came back to pencil & paper a little rusty but with a fresh new approach. The Street Art scene in Chicago suited me quiet well & this is where I began putting my work out there & getting noticed.

Honestly im pretty fresh to all this. I am constantly reworking & developing my style. Over the last few year's, I have contributed to many show's in and around chicago's low brow & designer toy scene. I have had a personal show, Group OhNo!Doom shows & recently done some work for a Burger King Pilot program.

Last id like to say that im open to any & all comments you have anything I post. I would love any feedback on how I can do something better. Please don't hesitate to say something.

Until the next post enjoy a few recent sketches & a customized Lui toy!

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