Thursday, November 30, 2006

even giant bear-like creatures have to sleep

here it is! SLEEP. still not 100% about it but i cant dwell on it.


Kennon said...

Ah man, that's cool. Makes me want to hear the story behind it (if there is one).
And I don't want us to to be pressured to make everything "100%" in this blog. Totally not the point (I don't take it that way). And also don't want us to take this as any kind of competition. Just a way to challenge (thus the name) our brains to do a new related subject every week. I look at is as "weight training" for our artistic side of the brain.
Well done!

Kennon said...

Also what are you doing your sketches in? Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator?

Joe Riley said...

thanks dude,

yea its flash. i really like the line quality. or lack of. i agree bout the challenge part. i really didnt have a story behind him just the idea, came outta nowhere.

Paul said...

dig the energy in your lines, joe.